Track-walker children in Mariemont

Track-walker kids

I got this shot in Mariemont over the weekend. Liked it, so wanted to share.

I was checking out an old, what appeared to be, foundry near the tracks which I discovered just driving around checking out parts of our town that I have never known before. It’s a hobby and feeds my insatiable curiosity.

Abandoned and laden with graffiti, the building is about half covered in green-leaved vines. The kids I ran into said they had no idea what it used to be, suggesting either a water tower (which seemed unlikely because of all the windows) or a train station (which also seemed unlikely because it is probably 50-feet high from the foundation – which is elevated about 20 feet from the tracks – with no easy in and out points).

Anyone have an idea or actually know the building’s former or intended use?

Sharonville plane crashes


Friday, May 11 I was sent out to cover the triple-fatal/double plane crashes in Sharonville. It was my first time ever covering a plane crash and it was, as you might imagine, not an extraordinarily pleasant scene.

I both wrote the story (with many of my Post colleagues’ generous help) and took photos (the photo on the Post’s Web site of the plane crash is actually mine, but is credited incorrectly). Click on the photo above to see my images.

Big Sky City

Downtown sky

Downtown Cincinnati’s more-than-ample parking lots did a lot of damage to our downtown. Back when decisions were made to tear down large swaths of old buildings to make way for parking lots, city leaders could not see past their steering wheels. Looking on the bright side, I suppose, is the chance to get shots like this (along with a little camera trickery), a view of the evening sky near Eighth & Sycamore streets, with clouds rolling in.

New photo galleries added

It’s been a while, but I’ve uploaded more photos to my Web site. Recently added items include photos of my 32nd birthday get-together with family and a few friends and my nephew’s coming-of-age 5th birthday extravaganza. Plus photos taken at the Heart’s Desire Party at the Red Cheetah and ASG‘s Civic Engagement Series at St. Leo the Great Catholic Church in Fairmount, led by Peter Block.