So, uh, iPods. They been ’round long?

Well, I guess I ought to start writing something, so here goes…

This Blog got lost. I created it sometime a while back, then did nothing with it. I accidentally rediscovered it just a few weeks back when a friend started her own Blog and I wanted to add a comment.

One for saving passwords in my nifty Password 2000 (which I highly recommend), I scrounged up my user name, posted then clicked on my hyper-linked name. Wa-la. Imagine that…There was Report This! right where I left it… and empty, nothing written.

Anyway, so here goes the journal of mundane-ness so popular on this here Internet(s)…

I’ve had this remarkably musical day. Earlier I went to a recital/benefit concert performed by and benefiting my friend Mary K. Koehler. The soprano is perfecting her amazing talent in hopes of furthering her career – and her dream – to become a professional, full-time singer-lady.

She’s so good. Amazing, in fact. The concert was beautiful, she was gorgeous and I was utterly amazed by another one of my pals and their own unique special-ness. And I have to say, after the concert, she said one of the most nice, heartfelt things anyone has said to me in a long, long time…

MK’s talent was spewing from her – all tucked into her tiny frame, belting out, reverberating the walls of the less-than-ideal acoustics of Xavier University’s Bellarmine Chapel. No matter, it just filled me up. I loved it. And I couldn’t help but wonder during her performance (it’s my first time hearing her sing) if I might be listening to a future opera star. And unless her opera tutor is some sort of huckster working us over for money like some public television telethon aficionado, she agrees. That’s really neat.

So, that’s music experience number one. But before I arrived at Xavier, my pal’s brother, Peter, and I stopped into the Apple store and I bought myself an iPod. And now, tonight at home playing with it…now, Oh my Lord Jesus! I’m in love. What took me so long? I had no idea what the potential of a measly four gigabytes could do for my insatiable music buds. Dammit, this is awesome. So, awesome, in fact, that it prompted me to start my Blog. I finally had something to write about.

Here’s what’s so cool about these quaint little music lover dream machines, and there’s a few cool things… First off, the color of the case (mine’s blue), the firmware inside (that’s the stuff that makes the music play and makes it easy to use the device and find music). It’s also the fact that I have so much music I’ve obviously never heard before and upon listening to some selections randomly on my iPod mini I discover I love a new song. “Cycles” by Frank Sinatra. What a great song. Who whudda known?

Apple – those differently-thinking intuitive geniuses of our time – has struck gold once again. And okay, I know I’m about two years too late on all this (and seriously, I’m a gadget nerd), but better late than never, right? I’ve arrived… and am ready to sign my union card.






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    “full-time singer-lady” – you got me there.


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