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Writing abot my trip: Joe now in California

Through the gracious help of a kind girlfriend (who took me to the airport at, as she will tell you, 4:27 a.m.) and a Boeing 777 and United Airlines, I made it to San Francisco in one piece.

Then a screeching BART ride later, a short ride on Muni, I made it to Mike’s “dungeon” in the Presidio, dropped off my stuff and walked a short jaunt down the hill and had lunch at a coffee shop overlooking the Lucas Film offices. Pretty cool stuff.

A few minutes later I boarded another Muni bus headed for the BART again, under the Bay and on to Richmond where I got on the Amtrak and went to Sacramento. That’s where I am now, staying at my friend Niki’s house.

More to come later…including my thoughts on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina…

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