Where’d ya been?

Having a digital camera now allows me to do some of the off-the-cuff photography that having a film camera just practically wouldn’t allow. I’m sure it excites you…

So, today, riding through Cincinnati’s west side, I noticed this sign on a restaurant near a school.

It begs some serious questions. Were the restaurant owners and/or managers glad the students are back? And where’d the BLT wraps been? Also, if the wraps are just coming back are they equally as excited that the students are coming back as they are about the wraps finding their way home, too? Can maybe you order up an order of “students” to eat and on your next trip get a BLT wrap? Will students be used in the making of the BLT wraps? Like, can a student be wrapped up in a BLT wrap and be served hot? I need some answers, folks.






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