Niece survives three years

My niece Kailey had her third birthday party Sunday. It was a blast to see her so darn happy – she gets it big time now. Presents. Cake. People. Kids to play with. Fun everywhere. And she showed it in her super-big expressions and her happy-go-lucky demeanor. I think I captured it in some of the photos I shot last night. More are on my Web page…

By the way, I used Picasa to get the photos off my camera, edit, manipulate and create a handy dandy Web page to share what I shot. I am getting more and more impressed all the time with the wonderful features of this free software, provided by Google.

It’s not PhotoShop (I still have a copy of that on my computer for tougher jobs), but for the quick, easy handling of a massive amount of photos, I don’t think it can be beat – especially for the price. For being someone who has become notorious for taking photos that people never see again (because it was always too cumbersome to get them to people), this is making my life easier and those who are in the photos much happier.






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