Blogging about the Bloggers

Last evening I was a panelist during a joint meeting of the The Women’s Circuit and the Cincinnati Programmers’ Guild. The topic? Blogs.

I was joined by two other local bloggers – Peg Haustetter and Brendan Cronin – and ex-blogger Kat Jenkins. In front of a small group on the 27th floor of the Chemed Building downtown, Guild president Troy Davis moderated and drilled us on the how and why of Blogging, including some talk of how Blogs are changing the way news is covered and treated today.

It was neat to see a few people had actually read my Blog prior to the evening. Though I really do this for myself and to hone my craft, it is always certainly cool to know people read what you write. Thank you!

It was a neat discussion, interesting to learn why people Blog (and why some, like Kat, stopped), and what the group thought about the medium. Overall I really enjoyed the evening and would like to thank the Programmers’ Guild and The Women’s Circuit for inviting me and shining light on this topic.






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