Updates to Web page

I have made some minor updates to my personal Web page at www.joewessels.net. Most notably are adding photos of my niece’s birthday party (which I already wrote about on here), changing, adding and deleting photos in the “My Computer’s Slideshow” section, plus adding a page with photos I took earlier this year in Northside both at the Gay Pride Festival and the neighborhood’s Fourth of July Parade (both a hoot to witness and shoot).

I’ve also made mention on my site of a Web page that will be about the new radio show I am launching October 14, 2005 – independent of the one I did this summer. No name, Web address or other information has been announced yet – but stand by. There’s cool news (I’m excited about it) on the horizon. As soon as it is finalized I will Blog about it here and update the link on my Web page.

I’ve also re-opened my guest book to comments. I’ve had problems with spammers using it to post copious, lengthy diatribes about penis enlargement and hope that they’ve moved onto more fertile pastures. And if someone who knows me decided to direct penis enlargement companies to my Web site – as a favor – I thank you. They worked. And that’s all I got to say about that…






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