Twins Turn One: No Big Deal to Them

My darling twin little nieces flipped from counting life by the month to by the year Sunday (though their official birthday isn’t until tomorrow) with another birthday party at my sister’s house and the same trademark bliss that has been key to their first 12 months. They had no idea what was going on – but loving just about every minute of it.

Birthday parties at Shelly and Sean’s house are turning into a production-line process, complete with a stream-lining expert and new modes of efficiency being implemented at each new celebration. I imagine by time my sister and her husband’s four children are fully-grown there just may be a room off to the side – maybe not yet even added-on to their house yet – dedicated to birthdays, locked, blinds drawn and only to be entered for those special days but already and always set up with cake, candles, reversible Barbie/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle table cloths and napkins and perfect acoustics for belting out the “Birthday song”.

And, as usual, their uncle was busy snapping away photos of all the action. This past month, though, I’ve been armed with a digital camera which means two things. First, I shoot a ton more photos – which is starting to even annoy me. And secondly, I can – for the first time ever – share these photos very easily. It’s pretty fun and amazing what technology can do (even a technophile like myself gets blown away at times).

As you can see by the photo above, my darling nieces were turned to plastic by the excitement as they posed – naked – outside the party for their wacky uncle Joe – you know, the un-married, odd one that lives by himself downtown and has two cats. That’s me.






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    The naked doll picture is pretty disturbing, and your last paragraph on this post is even more horrifying.

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