I love fall

This time of year and the coming next two months are my favorite of the entire year. The weather is cool but not too cold. The air seems cleaner and crisper and more breathable than other seasons. My favorite part, though? The colors. First the oranges, the browns, the dark yellows, the bright yellows, the dark greens and the earthy tones of the trees as their leaves turn bright colors and fall to the ground. I also love the rows of corn turned brown, ready for harvesting for herd feed. Then the farmer on his tractor harvesting that corn, row-by-row as the sun sets on the horizon.
Later on the weather turns cooler and up pops red, green, blue, yellow of twinkling Christmas lights – plus the pine smell of a tree just cut off the tree farm. There are just so many images and smells and memories representative of this season and I love ’em all.
So, that’s why today I woke up, packed the camera and headed West, to Indiana. Other than going to the family cabin in southern Kentucky, southeastern Indiana is so beautiful in the fall. I went to see it and photograph what I could, trying to capture a bit of what I love.
Today I found people fishing off a floating pier at Brookville Lake.
I also went back to Metamora, Ind. – where I used to love to go with my Mom, sister, my friend Alan and my Mom’s friends when we were kids. It was so magical in the fall and up closer to Christmas. I was disappointed to see it had lost much of its charm – replaced with kitschy little shops filled with future-landfill-filler gift shops.
I stopped in Okeana – near my cousins’ farm – and saw horses grazing beside an old train trestle. I always loved that train trestle and vaguely remember my Grandfather telling me that a train once derailed on it and fell to the ground. I’m not sure if it’s used regularly anymore, last used to haul “dirty dirt” from the Fernald Uranium Processing Plant environmental clean-up near Ross, Ohio to Utah for disposal in the late 1990s.
I wound up the evening with my Mom and dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Les Flick’s Homelike Inn.
What a relaxing day after the hectic couple weeks I had finishing up work on the SPJ banquet and then the banquet itself Friday night.

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