Photos of Mark Mallory’s Union Terminal Swearing In Ceremony

Tonight I headed over to Union Terminal to see a reenactment of today’s earlier swearing-in ceremony for Cincinnati’s new mayor, Mark Mallory. Filled with much more pomp and circumstance than the day’s traditional Oath of Office ceremonies held this afternoon at City Hall (where also City Council members were sworn in), this was more a party than a ceremony, though there was much speech-giving and back-slapping. And I guess deservedly so.
It’s another side of the city that I don’t think many get to (or maybe want to) see. That’s why I’m here. I brought my camera to the occasion and snapped a few photos. Admittedly not my best work (my flash was on the fritz), but I think it still captures the feel of the night (and a lot of the Who’s Who that were there). Enjoy.

PHOTO CAPTIONS: In the first photo, Mayor Mallory was sworn in by his brother, the newly-re-elected William L. Mallory, Jr. In the lower photo a painted portrait of the new mayor is unveiled in front of the audience toward the end of the ceremony.

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