Comedy debut

Alrighty, get your tomatoes ready. The highly-anticipated, widely celebrated video of my comedy debut has been released and is posted on the ‘Net.
I am scared to let the world see it – really scared – though I was very happy with my performance that night and did get lots of laughs. Guess whoever sees it will be the ultimate judge, but here goes. Be relatively nice, but I’d like to get feedback – honest feedback.

I would like to write more but I am working on a piece about the experience that will be in an upcoming issue of Cincinnati Magazine. I’ll post here when that articles appears, but it’ll likely be a few months.

Also, keep in mind that at parts it’s rather explicit. Don’t watch it at work (or turn your speakers down) and you may want to keep the kids away. And it’s worth noting that comedy is mostly made-up hyperbole and roman a clef. Any similarities to actual persons living or dead, places and events are coincidental and should not, in any way, be taken literally, personally or otherwise.

Now get ready to cock your arm back far to throw the tomatoes hard at your monitor screen…

[ev type=”youtube” data=”TNkZ1Yu3SmM”][/ev]






2 responses to “Comedy debut”

  1. Maggie Avatar

    Joe, the sound is all wonky when I try to play this.

    I can’t hear what you’re saying — sounds like somebody else’s bit has been dubbed over your video or there’s a horrible echo.

  2. Heaven Avatar

    Hey Joe! It worked ok for me and it was funny. You did ‘GOOD’ my friend!! Sorry I wasn’t in town to come down to get a good laugh!

    Love ya!

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