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Party on Wessels Avenue

Last evening as I was coming home from Bridgetown when I happened upon the street in Price Hill that bears my family’s name. Don’t believe it was named after any of my relatives (considering our clan immigrated in 1955), but the spelling is the same. So, as I had thought about doing many times before and this time I actually did, I stopped and took a couple pictures. And there was an assemblage of local kids hanging around and they wasted no time asking who I was, if I was a police officer, if I was with the news and just generally what the hell I was doing there. After answering their questions and explaining that my name was the same name that was on that sign, they were more relaxed and asked if I would take their picture. Antionetta (left, red coat) asked me if I would e-mail her the photo. I also corrected their pronunciation of the street’s name. They had always called “Wezt-lells” or something like that. Now I think I helped them give it the true German American pronunciation.

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