Hours of Darkness

I spotted this sign recently at a park operated by Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. And I think it begs one important question: When would the pious and ever-righteous and all-knowing and extraordinarily-judgmental Pat Robertson re-open this park? Ever?

In similar news, I like to watch TBN. Why? Probably for similar reasons I like what Elaine Pagels has to say. Last night TBN was having a movie infomercial. Sort of a rip-off of an E!-inspired show (they have a lot of shows that look a lot like secular network shows, but aren’t), they were touting this new movie, “Time Changer,” while sitting on what appeared to be a re-creation of the movie’s set based on the movie clips they showed.
What caught my eye and stopped my channel-flipping right smack on TBN this time was their talk of the movie’s stars. What exactly have Hal Linden and Gavin McCloud been up to anyway?
The formidable “Captain Barney Miller” and equally-amazing “Captain Merrill Stubing,” respectively, have been making a movie that I would likely never see, apparently.
Wow. These guys re-made “Back to the Future III,” gave it an apparently overt Jesus-y message and put a police captain and the “Love Boat” sea captain in starring roles. According to the Internet Movie Database this movie was released in 2002. Where was I?






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  1. Cassandra Avatar

    Ok, so I have a couple of questions.
    First, does Pat Robertson own that park with the sign, and if so, what is the deal with it being closed?
    Next, are you saying that the Love Boat guy and Captain Miller re-made “Back to the Future”, made it all churchy, and released it in 2002? Have I been under a rock?
    I found your blog on Jill’s blogroll. I’m in Columbus myself and am an aspiring freelance journalist (who has a VERY long way to go). I’ll be back. I’m sure I can learn a lot from you.

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