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Well, this looks different…

It’s still me. Joe Wessels.net is just getting a new look.

After much thought and prolonged discussion (years, really), I have finally revamped my Web site. Where’s the goat? He’s gone. Miss him? You can still view my Web site, as it was last updated by adding “old” in front of my old domain name. For example, to get to the old main page go type “old.joewessels.net” without the quoatations marks into your Web browser’s address bar.

I’m really excited about what I have accomplished here. There will still be a few noticiable changes in the Blog over the next few weeks, and likley into the future. But this will put everything about me in one place, elminating the need to have a seperate Web page, Blog, etc. I will now stop updating my old Blog and everything from that site has been imported here. I will be working on updating links on this Blog to my old personal Web site. Some may not work right now, but remember add “old” in front of any link (where the “www” would normally go) and it should work.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. Check back soon for new updates and new changes.

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