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Presidential motor-what?

Here’s something you don’t see everyday in downtown Cincinnati: A presidential motorcade. Realizing that President Bush would likely be traveling down Interstate 75-71 and then along Fort Washington Way and up Interstate 71 to Indian Hill, I decided to perch myself (and my Mom, who came down at the last minute) on top of the Carew Tower to watch it pass by. I brought the camera along.

It was really incredible to see. When I got to the top of the Carew Tower, plopped down my $2 and walked outside, I could see that northbound I-75/71 in Kentucky was shut down. A few minutes later police stopped traffic by Eighth Street on the Ohio side and shortly after that an array of red and blue blinking lights appeared over the Cut-in-the-Hill. Remarkable. It wound its way down to the river, over the Brent Spence Bridge and right beneath us on Fort Washington Way, and on over and up I-71 to the dinner that would net Sen. Mike DeWine some hefty cash. Regardless, cool to see.

The first photo shows the presidential limousine traveling along Fort Washington Way. The second shows a wider view of the whole caravan heading up Interstate 71 just east of downtown Cincinnati. Click on images to enlarge.

Presidential limousine

Presidential motorcade


  1. Joe,
    Reminds me of the time Bush came to London. He would not risk a car, so came in by helicopter to Buckingham Palace. It was surreal to have him fly over us. Was that him? Apparantly, the queen was not too happy as he was the first visitor in a while not to use the official state carriage. He could not trust the local police…oh well, Bush the good diplomt..but the town did not stop and you would have not known excet for a few street closures.

  2. Joe,
    I was lucky enough to advance with Kerry when he came into town as you know. Although he was not president the secret service took it just as serious, driving an armored tahoe with a gun mounted pointed out of the back window! Right in front of the car I was driving. It was nuts!

  3. I was in DC last weekend and while on a tour of the White House, I saw a motorcade preparing to leave for what appeared to be a Presidential bike ride. I couldn’t decide whether I was interested in it or not. I suppose my disenchantment with authority figures may have influenced my reaction to the scene on the White House lawn and although I could have stayed to see The Man walk out to his big, black SUV, I walked on by the window and continued my self-guided tour.

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