One thought on “New photo galleries added”

  1. “Little” Joey, is it really you?!

    Hi, there! It is Mrs. McLean (Shaun!) Matt’s mom! I had heard from someone that you were getting pretty involved in city events/communications/committee’s, and Matthew just sent me this! Wow! Your writing skills are great…humor wonderful. Reading through your stories has been a pleasure!

    Michael and I would love to have you stop by sometime when you are visiting your grandmother! By the way, how is she doing? And you sister (I have forgotten her name now…is it Shelly…I do remember how dear and sweet she was)?

    In case you have not been in touch with Matthew for awhile, (he lives on Michigan Ave. in Hyde Park), I will give you his email address (just for fun!): [email protected]. Maybe you two can get together over a beer (or your drink of choice)?!

    You sound very busy — but just in case you have a sec — I would love to hear from you!



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