All the paralysis one can stand – literally

I absolutely love stories like this. People never cease to amaze me and occasionally, while doing it, make me chuckle pretty hard. The woman in this story was one of ’em.

Reminded me of a story I was telling today, actually. Those of you who knew me then, might remember it. When I was a resident advisor in Calhoun Hall at the University of Cincinnati back in 1996 I had a student on my floor who had conned a nice, innocent wannabe-popular kid into buying him a whole entertainment system – just for the promise of repayment, and his friendship.

When the bill came due, the con refused to pay. I had to call UC police to quell the arguments and fights that broke out after that.

When police came and started talking over the incident with the student they got suspicious and ran a warrant check on him. Turns out he was wanted in a couple states for defrauding people and businesses, including a several-thousand dollar vacation at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. that he somehow had talked his way into not paying for until he left, which he didn’t do.

Personally, being on the lam from Mickey Mouse is pretty pathetic, I think. Especially if Sheriff Donald Duck makes the arrest.

Ah, the memories. Needless to say, this guy moved out. Never heard from again, but seems there still might be a few out there like the guy. And the ha-has will keep coming.







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