Half the cat

I have a cat, Hermann. I used to have two cats, but Peter kicked the can about nine months ago. May he rest in peace.

Hermann’s a beautiful cat, very friendly, a little shy, but mostly just a cute, affectionate feline.

He’s also got a lot of hair. So much hair, in fact, that I would vacuum my house, then the next day the place would be covered again. Plus, Hermann would lick his fur, then he’d barf a nice pile of it on the carpet, or if I was lucky, the wood floor, all mixed with his kitty-food lunch.

Special food with hairball medicine, hairball paste, slappin’ him up side the head – nothing worked. So, yesterday, upon suggestion of the owner of my new independent pet food store, Buster’s Place in Pleasant Ridge, I got Hermann a haircut. Now, he’s half the cat he used to be. And ihe’s kind of funny lookin’ now.

Hermann's post-shave






2 responses to “Half the cat”

  1. lori Avatar

    um, what to say about this.

    your cat looks like my bathtowels. and a demented poodle. i’m sure hermann woke up this morning and was very pissed.

    btw, joe — call me. today. it’s important.

  2. Ken Wessel Avatar
    Ken Wessel

    That is one odd looking cat!

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