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Kailey is 4? Yep.

Yeah, my niece Kailey turned 4-years-old recently. Kind of hard to believe these kids – when fed and exercised regularly – actually grow. But it happens. For example, my nephew Connor just began Kindergarten which seems impossible. That would mean I’m 32. Oh wait. I am 32. Geez.

Here’s some photos from the party (and a way to maybe see some other photos, if you’re clever), shown through Picasa’s new “Web Album” feature. I think it an okay feature (they apparently did away with their “create a Web page” option), but I would be curious to see what you think.


Sep 24, 2006 – 91 Photos

Kailey is 4? Yep. Comment

  1. The kids are beautiful! I love having time with my neice and nephew (4 & 6mths.), they make me feel young again. I only had trouble with age when I hit 35.

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