Weekly political column starts today

Today marks the first installment of a weekly political column I am now writing for The Post. It is and will be a take on the intrigue, odds and ends items of note and the “cutting room floor” stories that may not warrant a full story in the paper, but are interesting nonetheless.

This week I report tidbits on David Pepper’s new commission office, 3CDC making some movement on Over-the-Rhine’s Washington Park and Mayor Mark Mallory’s “disgust” with a recent story I wrote.

It will run on page 2A of the Cincinnati edition and somewhere inside in the Kentucky edition. If you want to see my photo – stern look and all – you’ll have to pick up a copy, though. No columnists photos online.

Expect more political news from every corner of the region – but mainly Hamilton County and Cincinnati – in coming weeks, every Saturday.

If there’s something you think might make a good news story, or if you have some insider information that you think needs to get out, don’t hesitate to shoot me an e-mail or call my Post voicemail at (513) 352-2703. I check messages frequently.

And to everyone, Happy Holidays, a stupendous New Year… and keep reading The Post. It ain’t over yet…







3 responses to “Weekly political column starts today”

  1. Tom Avatar

    I’m a longtime Post reader who was thrilled to see a column like this in the paper yesterday. Just what the Post needed. Hope this is a good sign . . . .

  2. Mark Mascolino Avatar

    the article link appears to be broken now…perhaps they moved the location of your article?

  3. joe Avatar

    I need to see what’s happening. Word is the Enquirer – who hosts our Web site – changed Web site-updating software whose links die after about 10 days… If so, I have a ton of work ahead of me to update my site… Thanks for the head’s up, though.

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