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This week’s column

I have another column in today’s Cincinnati Post and Kentucky Post. This week I tackle Mayor Mark Mallory’s on again/off again State of the City address, Leslie Ghiz’s politician-aides and David Pepper’s pre-swearing-in ceremony, ahead of Tuesday’s public event.

I’ve also written three stories this week – including one in today’s Post – about Cincinnati City Council Member Cecil Thomas’s plan to bring in David Kennedy, a John Jay College of Criminal Justice professor, to help implement a very successful violence-reduction program. Local law enforcement, several social service agencies and many politicians have signed on to suport the program. It looks very promising.


  1. I’d like to add to bringing in Kennedy (which is a good idea) the implementation of the Linder report–a thorough performance audit of the Cincinanti police department. No outside expert will gain traction here if the community doesn’t reinforce their findings.

  2. If you have a copy of the Linder report – or have seen it (aside from the PowerPoint slides that were handed out), I’d love to look at it. For some reason it’s being kept very secret. Until the community sees the report, I think they would have a hard time supporting it. And, some have told me, law enforcement is not too keen on the report.

  3. In regards to two Council Aides joining the “legion of elected officisls,” it should be noted that Community Council Board members are not elected officials, they are volunteers. Community Councils are not governments, they do not have the ability to tax or to make law, and they are 501c3 or 501c4 non-profit corporations- not municipal corporations such as a city. Also, Board members are not elected by the general public, reflecting the non-governmental status of a Community Council

  4. TJ- point well taken. I believe I had it written as “they liked polticians so much that they decided to become one themselves” which an editor shortened to “legions of elected officials.” I didn’t catch the difference when I first read it, but I clearly see the distinction now. Thank you for pointing it out.

  5. Mayor Mallory? Haven’t heard his name in quite awhile! Has he done anything that he promised during his campaign?

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