Bye, bye CincyNation, welcome something much better

See, there was something just truly great to wake up to today. CincyNation, the, at best snippy, at worst unethical, mostly local news aggregator with an overly-transparent anti-Cincinnati bent, has announced it’s going away Monday. For good.

Rick Hines, the person behind the links to news stories he didn’t write with often added derogatory commentary, said he is shuttering the site (first by not updating the news stories, then later by closing the ads) but will keep open his other 200+ sites that offer the same thing. God save those other cities!

We just didn’t need Hines’s bullying, pathetic, uninformed trampling of this great city any longer. Don’t let the door hit ya in the butt, Dick…

But in this good news, there’s word of something even better: A user-driven news aggregator where the registered visitors of the site get to vote on what is worth seeing. It’s called Cinplify.

I discovered Digg, something very similar to Cinplify but on a more worldwide scale, recently through an article in the Columbia Journalism Review and was intrigued. Now we’ve got something locally.







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  1. Mouse Avatar

    From reading the postings at LOL, Rick Hines is hip and smart but your new site is compliant and boring.

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