George Clooney could be my boss (or his dad)

With the impending demise of The Cincinnati Post, rumors are rampant. I don’t think I’ve been asked the same question (“So, what’s going to happen to The Post?”) so many times since high school, when we all got the, “So, what are your plans after you graduate?” It’s starting to drive me nuts.

But this latest rumor, printed by CityBeat and further perpetuated by The Daily Bellwether, is that Cincinnati native, world famous actor and chick magnet George Clooney would buy The Cincinnati Post and turn it over to his dad, veteran newsman and all-around good guy, Nick Clooney, to manage as publisher.Nick and George Clooney

For the record, I think it’s a swell idea. From my brief conversations with Nick Clooney and with those who have known him professionally, he’s a stand-up journalist. Whether this all happens or not, well, I’m not counting my still-sealed, mint condition DVD copies of “Good Night and Good Luck” before they, uh…whatever.

I doubt any of the Clooneys will read this. George doesn’t return my calls (I don’t feel bad, he doesn’t call Heather French back either). Nick professes to not own a computer (though a recent blip in his column indicated his dog did something to his keyboard) and Nina…well, Nina might read this… And if you are, Nina, please pass this along to George and your nice husband. Let’s talk. I can introduce you to some of the Scripps folks. Let’s take some of the Bellwether’s ideas and mix in some good, old journalism practices and make ourselves a successful newspaper. You know how to reach me.






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  1. Shirley Wershba Avatar
    Shirley Wershba

    It would be a good thing for Cinncinatti. Nick Clooney is a journalist’s journalist. If he had been old enough to be practiising his craft during WW II he would have been one of Murrow’s Boys.

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