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Special Tarbell parking

Tarbell's parking spaceThe ubiquitous scooter and its even more ubiquitous fun-loving owner had their own special parking space this morning at California Woods Nature Perserve for the annual “Pancakes in the Woods” event to raise money for nature education. It’s like a sign was even necessary for the famous red scooter.

Both Vice Mayor Jim Tarbell and Council Member David Crowley shared flapjack flippin’ duty during the four-hour event. Also seen at the event were Council members John Cranley and Chris Monzel, as well as Park Board Director Willie Carden and Community Development and Planning Director Michael Cervay.

More than 400 people were expected for a $6 breakfast of pancakes, sausage and maple syrup made right on the preserve, said Brewster Rhodes, a board member for the nature perserve and regional representative for Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland.

For the record, the food was delicious and the park is beautiful. There’s plenty of trails in the natural growth park, just east of Lunken Airport along Kellogg Avenue. Pancakes or not, I’d highly recommend checking the place out.

For another photo of the event, see Monday’s .

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