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Column: Meet Jackie Danicki

This week’s column in The Cincinnati Post is about Londoner-turned-Cincinnatian Jackie Danicki. What intrigued me most about Jackie is that she chose to come to Cincinnati. With all the choices of places she could have gone, Cincinnati seemed the best fit.

I think it speaks volumes – though I realize she is only one person – about what Cincinnati has to offer. I like it here a lot. That shocks a lot of people. Yet this town offers so much and when you consider how much it offers for its size, you get a little blown away. So, I thought I’d tell Jackie’s story in the hopes it would inspire some locals and maybe a few who might be considering becoming one.

Plus, Jackie’s a nice person. I look forward to getting to know her better and showing her around town some more and meeting her fiance Antoine, who apparently has a serious love of politics. Oh, boy! I can’t wait.
Also, wrote a story about The Banks and Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune’s hope that if a deal isn’t made soon with the current master developer nominee, that focus can turn quickly to another.


  1. Thanks, Joe! This column has brought me emails and blog comments from some very kind and gracious Cincinnati natives. It’s great to be meeting cool people so soon into my move here, and it wouldn’t have happened so fast without you!

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