Photo: Coroner demonstrates how cop shooter killed himself

In attempt to remove any doubt about how events transpired during a shoot out with police March 9, Hamilton County Coroner O’dell Owens called a press conference to give the cause of death of the shooter.

During the press conference Owens held a photo and used his hand to demonstrate how 23-year-old Matt Hutchinson held the gun to his temple, pressing it against his flesh and pulled the trigger. The photo Owens is holding is not of Hutchinson, but a stock photo used in demonstrations of this kind of death.

Though I only did cursory reporting on this story and did not delve too deeply into it, no matter what side you look at – from the two officers who were shot (but are going to be OK) or the family of the shooter and his two friends in the car with him who may or may not have been a contributors to this situation (they’ve been charged by police) (and not to mention the officers who were not shot but were caught up in this horrible situation) – this is a sad story all the way around.

Owens demonstrates shot to head






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