Mayor Michael Bloomberg in Cincinnati

DSC_7106Here’s a press release from Mallory’s office about why Bloomberg was in town.Cincinnati – Mayor Mark Mallory and 14 Mayors and one Township President from the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area are joining the national coalition of Mayors Against Illegal Guns. At the announcement held at the Cincinnati Police Academy, Mayor Mallory and the 14 other city leaders signed a statement of principles dedicated to combating the spread of illegal guns and related gun violence. As their first act as part of the coalition, the group signed a joint letter to Congress urging the repeal of the Tiahrt Amendment that restricts the ability of cities and law enforcement to access and use of gun trace data.

“Public Safety is a regional issue that requires a united response. Criminals do not recognize municipal boundaries, and we need to make sure that our efforts do not stop at our individual borders either,” Mayor Mark Mallory said. “It is entirely too easy for criminals to get their hands on illegal guns and use them to commit acts of violence. I am proud to stand with Mayor Bloomberg and my fellow Mayors to today to join this crucial public safety effort.”

“In the five years that I have been mayor of New York, too many officers have been gunned down in the line of duty, including two during an undercover operation to get illegal guns off the street,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “Each of their senseless murders has only strengthened my resolve to do everything I can to stop the flow of illegal guns onto the streets of my city. Today, we are showing Congress two things: our bi-partisan coalition is growing, and we mean business. I want to thank Mayor Mallory and all the mayors from Ohio and Kentucky for stepping up and joining this effort, which will help us save lives and protect our police officers.”

Coalition co-chair New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg also unveiled the latest project of the coalition of 182 Mayors, a new Internet video and website dedicated to exposing how the Tiahrt Amendment ties the hands of law enforcement. The website,, hosts a new video that features a Minnesota Police Chief who explains how law enforcement’s ability to fight crime has been limited by the restrictions imposed by the Tiahrt Amendment. The video, with its message urging the repeal of the each provision, will be advertised in an Internet campaign.

The Mayors were supported at the event by the American Hunters and Shooters Association. The AHSA supports the need for rational, deliberative gun policy that protects America’s hunting and sport shooting heritage, and hunting and fishing conservation.

“We want a seat at the table when it comes to discussing gun rights and the Mayors Coalition has welcomed us as a voice representing hunters and shooting sportsmen across America,” said AHSA President Schoenke. “We staunchly support the Second Amendment, but we also strongly support our police, who risk their lives every day to protect my family and yours. We’ve got a responsibility to ensure that guns don’t fall into the hands of criminals and that we punish to the fullest extent of the law individuals who would misuse guns to terrorize our communities. We can do all of this while at the same time standing firm in defense of our Constitutional rights.”

According to a report by the Cincinnati Police Department, Cincinnati Police Officers arrested 579 people on gun charges and 1486 guns were confiscated in 2006.

The coalition’s principles include the seeking maximum punishments for criminals who possess, use or traffic illegal firearms, targeting dealers who break the law, working to develop technologies capable of assisting in tracing illegal guns, and opposing any legislation restricting cities’ trace data access while supporting all legislation targeting illegal guns.

Cincinnati and Hamilton County Mayor joining the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition at today’s event:

Cincinnati, Ohio Mayor Mark Mallory (D)

Addyston, Ohio Mayor Dan Pillow (D)

Cleves, Ohio Mayor Danny Stacy (I)

Covington, Kentucky Mayor Butch Callery (D)

Fairfax, Ohio Mayor Theodore Shannon (R)

Forest Park, Ohio Mayor Jim Lawler (D)

Golf Manor, Ohio Mayor Alan Zaffiro (D)

Harrison, Ohio Mayor Daniel Gieringer (D)

Lincoln Heights, Ohio Mayor Deborah Seay (D)

Silverton, Ohio Mayor John Smith (D)

Wyoming, Ohio Mayor Barry Porter (R)

Previously signed the principals, but could not attend today’s event:

Arlington Heights, Ohio Mayor Joseph Harper (R)

Delhi, Ohio Township President Albert C. Duebber (R)

Glendale, Ohio Mayor Joseph C. Hubbard (R)

Lockland, Ohio Mayor Jim Brown (D)

Newport, Kentucky Mayor Thomas L. Guidugli (D)






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