Column: City Democrat split opportunity for Republicans

This week’s column in the Cincinnati Post explores the recent feuding by city Dems – like yesterday’s appearance by two opposing Democrats on WLW-AM’s Bill Cunningham show – as an opportunity for Republicans to not only gain seats on Cincinnati City Council, but maybe gain the majority.

Republicans privately have been having a hard time containing their glee about the dispute – mostly centered around City Council Member Jeff Berding’s nomination April 17 and the issue about whether or not he is a “good Democrat” – and wonder what this means for them in November.

What I think this all means? A good year to be a reporter, honestly. City Council races – even before I covered them with any regularity as I do now with The Post – were always interesting. This year proves to be no different – and maybe even better without the interference of a higher-clout mayors race to get in the way.

More attention will be focused on those who are actually running on the Council ticket, something that any one who ran last time will tell you was a constant struggle and a major frustration.

It’s shaping up to be a real dog fight this year, and frankly, for we journos and politcal watchers, it’s gonna be a good one. Let the games begin… (and a wee bit early, too, wouldn’t ya say?)






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