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Two arrested for stealing from blind courthouse deli owner

I’m always surprised by the audacity of some folks. If you are going to steal, and some always do, why do you have to stoop so low and steal from a blind person? Geez.

If you have ever been to the Hamilton County Courthouse, you may have stopped in the sandwich and snack shop and noticed the person behind the counter can’t see. I look at that as an opportunity to support a business owned by someone disabled, but apparently to 19-year-old Mary Cayze, a suspect arrested this morning when someone saw her pass a $1 bill and tell the blind cashier it was a $10 bill then told Sheriff deputies, that’s a chance to rip the guy off.

Ah, but she has company. LaTonya Browner, 39, was arrested for the same thing 12 days ago. Both are charged with 5th degree fMary CayzeTonya Marie Brownerelonies, an upgraded charge from a misdemeanor because the shop owner, Kent Parker, is visually impaired.

The man who runs a similar-type shop at Cincinnati City Hall and is also blind has a machine underneath the counter that tells him the domination of the cash passed to him. I commented on it once and he told me that I would be shocked by the number of people who try to pull one over on him.

I was surprised someone would do that because, as anyone who saw Spider-Man 3 this weekend knows (I did and thought it was awful), criminals have hearts, too. Guess these two – innocent until found guilty in a court of law – might be worse than some of those nasty super hero villains.

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