Bicycle lift needed to easily navigate Cincinnati’s hills

More than a streetcar, I think we need to install bicycle lifts at the foot of Cincinnati’s many hills. Imagine being able to stop your bike, put your foot down, and voila, every 10 seconds a little thing pops up and pushes you and your bike up Price Hill, Mount Adams, Mount Auburn, up to Clifton – you name it.

This video, a demonstration of what I am talking about, comes courtesy of an avid, dedicated reader of Report This!, T.S. Thanks, T.S.!
[ev type=”youtube” data=”JtB8DX70ihM”][/ev]

By the way, I was kidding about the streetcar thing. But this lift would be cool. Oh, and I’m mostly kidding about that, too.

(I apologize for the weird formatting on the video. I want to slap whoever came up with this WordPress template sometimes, only ‘cuz I like it so much and it does weird, unexplainable things periodically.)






8 responses to “Bicycle lift needed to easily navigate Cincinnati’s hills”

  1. Mike Avatar

    That is so cool Joe. I’ve never heard of such a device.

  2. Jackie Danicki Avatar

    Predictable Jackie comment:

    If “we” really “need” this, I can’t see why many private companies wouldn’t leap at the opportunity to give it to us. That is, if they’re not prohibited from doing so by a state monopoly.

  3. Avatar

    Joe, this is a very cool idea. Can we expect a story on this to make it into the Post? More people need to be aware of this idea and I would love to see it happy in this city.

    BTW, we miss your posting on Keep them coming.


  4. gerard Avatar

    This is a great idea! I don’t see why you’re kidding when suggesting this. I for one would love this. It would enable me to bike to work downtown. One reason I don’t bike to work is because I know that at the end of a long day, I’ll have to bike back uphill somewhere. With this, it’s not a problem.

  5. gerard Avatar

    Oh, I think Sycamore street would be a perfect candidate.

  6. Greg Harris Avatar
    Greg Harris

    Jackie–I guess your question depends on whether one considers public transport to be a for-profit or non-profit endeavor (or both). I think creating transportation alternatives is in the public interest, for the public good, and would like to see a portion of dollars that support traditional infrastructure to fund alternative infrastructure (bike lifts, recreation trails, etc.). I think it is in the public interest (public health, environmental health, etc.), and therefore the type of thing public dollars should support. But I would also hope private philanthropic dollars would come into play.

  7. Brad Thomas Avatar
    Brad Thomas

    I just did the math, it would only cost 1 million dollars for a lift from boal st up sycamore to walker.

  8. Inga Avatar

    It has long been looking for this information, thank you.

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