Bicycle lift needed to easily navigate Cincinnati’s hills

More than a streetcar, I think we need to install bicycle lifts at the foot of Cincinnati’s many hills. Imagine being able to stop your bike, put your foot down, and voila, every 10 seconds a little thing pops up and pushes you and your bike up Price Hill, Mount Adams, Mount Auburn, up to Clifton – you name it.

This video, a demonstration of what I am talking about, comes courtesy of an avid, dedicated reader of Report This!, T.S. Thanks, T.S.!
[ev type=”youtube” data=”JtB8DX70ihM”][/ev]

By the way, I was kidding about the streetcar thing. But this lift would be cool. Oh, and I’m mostly kidding about that, too.

(I apologize for the weird formatting on the video. I want to slap whoever came up with this WordPress template sometimes, only ‘cuz I like it so much and it does weird, unexplainable things periodically.)

Author: Joe Wessels

Joe Wessels is a freelance journalist and photographer. Wessels covers local news events for Thomson Reuters news service and features for's Cincinnati Guide site, plus is the executive director of hyperlocal news site, He wrote for The Cincinnati Post, covering Cincinnati City Hall and Hamilton County government and wrote a weekly political column, which continued weekly at Cincinnati CityBeat. Previously, he was a reporter for the Cincinnati Business Courier and writes or has written for several publications in Cincinnati and around the country including The Cincinnati Enquirer, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Cincinnati Magazine, Cincy Magazine and the Sacramento News & Review. He is a native of Colerain Township, one of Cincinnati's western suburbs, and now lives in Over-the-Rhine near downtown Cincinnati. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and a journalism writing certificate from the University of Cincinnati. He also graduated from Colerain High School, is an avid photographer, news junkie and was once a roller rink disc jockey, and sometimes rides a scooter around town.

8 thoughts on “Bicycle lift needed to easily navigate Cincinnati’s hills”

  1. Predictable Jackie comment:

    If “we” really “need” this, I can’t see why many private companies wouldn’t leap at the opportunity to give it to us. That is, if they’re not prohibited from doing so by a state monopoly.

  2. Joe, this is a very cool idea. Can we expect a story on this to make it into the Post? More people need to be aware of this idea and I would love to see it happy in this city.

    BTW, we miss your posting on Keep them coming.


  3. This is a great idea! I don’t see why you’re kidding when suggesting this. I for one would love this. It would enable me to bike to work downtown. One reason I don’t bike to work is because I know that at the end of a long day, I’ll have to bike back uphill somewhere. With this, it’s not a problem.

  4. Jackie–I guess your question depends on whether one considers public transport to be a for-profit or non-profit endeavor (or both). I think creating transportation alternatives is in the public interest, for the public good, and would like to see a portion of dollars that support traditional infrastructure to fund alternative infrastructure (bike lifts, recreation trails, etc.). I think it is in the public interest (public health, environmental health, etc.), and therefore the type of thing public dollars should support. But I would also hope private philanthropic dollars would come into play.

  5. I just did the math, it would only cost 1 million dollars for a lift from boal st up sycamore to walker.

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