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Cincinnati Supper Club: The Third

Cincinnati Supper Club: The Third

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So, this was meant to be a post on how fun and cool and great and neat this Cincinnati Supper Club thing has turned out to be. I snagged this photo from Jackie Danicki (I, for once, decided to leave my camera at home). It shows the incredible food that Michelle Lightfoot made for us. She, of course, owns Deli 720, the reincarnation of the popular downtown eatery, Poppie’s Deli. If you liked Poppie’s – and really, who didn’t? – or the new place, then you’ll know how inbelievably lucky we were to get her in the “club.” Plus, her and her fiance Chad have a cool place downtown.
Next “meeting” is forthcoming. Check out the blog for an announcement. Then sign up quickly. People were turned away this month and there was a waiting list. I expect that to continue at least until I host it in July. I already told Michelle what I plan to cook. She said she didn’t like any of it (which means I will be changing my plans, so stay tuned).

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