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Cat has blog to talk about sad, pathetic life

So, this “cat” I know has a blog. And every time I read it I think I’m going to wet my pants I’m laughing so hard.

It’s like Toonces the Driving Cat, but instead it’s Paris Hilton – in the form of a kitty cat – who, like the heiress, is at the same time self-absorbed and insightful, plus honest and, well, crazy. Rehab Cat has himself some very big adventures and mishaps, like the pill-popping pictured above. Check out the blog to read more.

The entries are all about this cat’s partying life and the people he does drugs with and socializes with and all the celebrities he hangs out with, the cats he hooks up with and it goes on and on. And it’s all written from this cat’s perspective.

I hope Rehab Cat gets some help, but part of me hopes he continues the binging, the blaming and the excuse-making. It’s really funny. Can’t wait to see where it goes.

(The actual writer of the blog is someone quite a few Report This! readers might know, by the way. But she has asked to remain anonymous.)

Cat has blog to talk about sad, pathetic life Comment

  1. What an AWESOME cat! Thank you for this post. I always felt like my life was missing something — and now I realize it was just a lack of Rehab Cat.

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