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Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune on City Talk RadioSunday evening’s City Talk Radio marked my first solo gig ever on commercial radio. Woo-wee.

It was a lot of fun, to say the least. The big change over my previous radio shows, 2005’s Brian & Joe Radio Show and Cincinnati Advance Radio (both on my dearly beloved and deeply-troubled WAIF-FM), is this is like, uh, professional radio. We have a real, paid, he-knows-what-he-is-doing-and-he-is-good producer, Mark (I could go on and on about how cool it is to have Mark help out in the studio).

My guests were Hamilton County Commission President Todd Portune and Cincinnati City Council Member Cecil Thomas. They came on to discuss the county’s safety plan and the officer-involved shooting in Over-the-Rhine Friday night, respectively.

Cincinnati City Council Member Cecil Thomas on City Talk RadioI’m working with Michael Sweeney, the show’s main host, to make some improvements and enhancements to the radio show, like the Podcast. Along with my other co-host, Tom Schaefer, we should have some cool announcements in coming weeks.

Here’s the Podcast link:

And some quickie directions might be helpful (just take the above link and use that instead of the ones listed). Enjoy! Leave a comment if you have questions.






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  1. Kevin LeMaster Avatar

    That’s awesome. The show’s airing is at an inconvenient time for me, so now I can listen.

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