Hassel-laff (in his face)

[ev type=”youtube” data=”x20v9F-sWHQ”][/ev]

This is a YouTube classic, but I’m surprised when I hear someone hasn’t seen it, as has happened recently. So, here you go.

David Hasselhoff, the hero of one of my favorite TV shows as a child, Knight Rider, is a big star overseas. Overseas. In other countries. As in “not here.”

Other places, like in Germany, for example, where I have a large extended family – and no offense to them – they enjoy stuff that is quasi-1980s like it’s brand new. David Hasselhoff fits the mold of 80s cheesy. He seems to have allowed himself to be used in this way, to great success and financial stability, I understand. Congrats. But for this reason and many others is why this video makes me shake my head and smile every time I see it. Watch and you’ll see why.






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