Back from vacation


That’s my Mom (Judy) on a flotation device in the swimming pool adjacent to the beach house I just got done spending a solid week in just outside of Destin, Fla. Went there with the whole family – Mom, Dad and my sister’s family and some of her in-laws.
It was a good time. To see photos, click on Mom and be taken to the set on Flickr.







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  1. […] I added the subscription right before I went on vacation and have, for the most part, been pleased with what I have found. Some days are better than others, like the day I got a download of the video below showing a high-tension electric wire repair man do his job, with a voice-over of the man explaining what he is doing. I found it really interesting. I wonder if we have people around here who do that job? I imagine we do. Or maybe there a few regional people who are trained (and willing) and do this over a multi-state area? […]

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