David Pepper, Ed Rothenberg on City Talk Radio 7-8 p.m. Sunday on SuperTalk FM 96.5

Cincinnati Gentleman publisher Tom Schaefer and myself will be co-hosting City Talk Radio 7 to 8 p.m. Sunday on SuperTalk FM 96.5, heard in Cincinnati. Not in Cincinnati or near a radio? Listen online.

This week’s topic:

After Hamilton County Commissioners seemingly put an end to the debate about how to fund a new jail by increasing the county’s sales tax by a vote of the three-member board, the deal seemed done.

But a group of citizens – and a motley crew at that – came together and formed a coalition to put a referendum on the fall ballot intended to repeal the county commission’s action.

If they are successful getting 28,750 signatures by mid-July, the sales tax will be blocked from being enacted and voters will be able to vote on the tax. An alternate plan to build a jail – roundly criticized by the two Democratic county commissioners, Todd Portune and David Pepper – was resoundingly defeated last fall.

Pepper, who voted for the tax increase, and Ed Rothenberg, coordinator of “We Demand a Vote,” the group organizing to get the referendum on the ballot, will be our guests. Hope you will tune in.

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