It’s official: Everyone has a blog (the Merc has a blog)

I’ll take Cincinnati Mercantile Library librarian Chris Messick‘s words right out of his mouth: If the Merc has a blog, that means everyone has one.

So, as to not be behind the times, I’ve added a link to my blogroll.

If you haven’t been to the Merc, it’s high time you do. As anyone who knows me knows, libraries are a big favorite of mine. I’ve lived in over a half dozen places, plus spoken to others who live elsewhere, and I can safely say that we are very, very lucky in Cincinnati. We have some amazing libraries here – all around us.

The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County is easily one of the best systems in the country. If you haven’t been in a while or have never been, it’s worth checking out. And then check some stuff out.

Side note: Did you know all residents of Ohio can get a Cincy library card? Our library is one of two library systems in the state funded by the State of Ohio, therefore making all state residents eligible (the other is The Ohio State University library system). For $25 a year, residents in neighboring states can get a card for our library. That’s a great deal!

And if I could, I’d highly recommend my friends down at the West End branch, 805 Ezzard Charles Drive. Tell Larry (who is running for township trustee out in Clermont County) and Marilyn and the other nice lady (whose name is escaping me at the moment; she’s going to kill me) I sent you. If you mention my name, Dante, the security guard, will go easy on you, too (but no talking). They’re a great group.

After you’ve properly explored the Public Library (and maybe even concurrently), stop in the Merc. I rank my libraries high that offer a high degree of quiet and solitude. For that, there is not a better setting, no better quiet place than the Mercantile Library, 414 Walnut Street (take the express elevator to the top floor).

They also have a mean collection of classics, old books (it’s fun to just look through the stacks) and new books, plus a huge collection of current periodicals – and great views out their many windows. They also continually host and sponsor some great talks, lectures and programs. As their slogan says, they truly are the literary center of Cincinnati and have been since Christ was a Corporal. For a measley $45 a year, it can’t be beat. Sign up. Whatchu waiting for?






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  1. Chris Thompson Avatar


    What does an Ohio resident have to do to get one of these Cincinnati Library Cards? The online application says it is only for residents of Hamilton County.

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