Justin Jeffre running for Council

Justin Jeffre, a member of the once-popular 98 Degrees pop band that sold more than 10 million albums worldwide, turned in petitions Monday at the Hamilton County Board of Elections in an attempt to get on the Nov. 6 ballot for Cincinnati City Council.

He has until Aug. 23 to get all 500 signatures – sources say he is about halfway there right now – plus pay the $75 fee and sign a nomination acceptance form once he has all the required valid signatures.

Jeffre joins an ever-growing cadre of local well-knowns vying for office, including eight incumbents, several former elected officials and one holding different public office.

So far, Laketa Cole, Minette Cooper, Greg Harris, Joan Kaup, Chris Monzel, Mitch Painter, Steve Pavelish, Cecil Thomas, Charlie Winburn and George Zamary have met all requirements and will be on the Cincinnati City Council ballot this fall.

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    God help us.

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    Me too

    I agree with WHA’EVA, God help us.

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