Qualls for mayor? Web domain registered

Former Cincinnati Mayor Roxanne Qualls said the fact that she registered www.quallsformayor.com should be no indication that she is actually considering a run for that office. It’s just precautionary – so that no one else can get that domain name, create a hoax or derogatory Web site and confuse voters.

Qualls’ City Council Web site went live shortly after her announcement Wednesday that she would be appointed to Vice Mayor Jim Tarbell‘s Cincinnati City Council seat – the seat he vacated Tuesday – and then run for election this fall. The “Qualls for mayor” site was registered on the same day, but currently is inactive.

In lightening-speed fashion, Qualls turned in Monday well over 1,000 signatures at the Hamilton County Board of Elections. With more than 550 valid, Qualls quickly checked off the toughest part of getting on the fall City Council ballot – getting 500 valid signatures. For those keeping track, that’s approximately five days start to finish.

That’s a record for this year, seeing that some incumbents are still sending out e-mails asking for volunteers to help gather petition signatures.

The deadline to file all required paperwork is 4 p.m. August 23 at the Hamilton County Board of Elections.

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  1. anonymouse Avatar

    well, if she could change her mind about her sexual orientation then I wouldn’t count on her not to change her mind about running for mayor.
    she must have had petition couriers waiting in the wings and probably paid them to get that many signatures in less than a week.

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