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Pretending to be a firefighter

Today and tomorrow I am participating in the Hebron (Kentucky) Fire Department’s media fire academy. It’s been tremendous fun, to say the least, and I am getting to learn a bit about how firefighters do their job – something I’ve taken a keen interest in lately (wink, wink).

I snapped this shot with my cell phone just after I put on my turnout gear in preparation for the automobile extrication exercise. In other words, I got to help break out and saw out windows in a car, then use the Jaws of Life to pop off a car door and pinch off the car’s roof. It was incredible and gave me another new appreciation for the life-saving work that firefighters do for us everyday. It’s kind of a big deal, to put it mildly.

Tomorrow we actually get to go into a live fire, climb an aerial ladder and do lots of other stuff. I’ll be sure to blog about my experiences.

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