Grandma’s got wi-fi!

Grandma in a caveGrandma has a hot, live wi-fi connection in her family room, at her kitchen table, on her enclosed patio and in her backyard. It’s hot-damn amazing, if you ask me. I’m using it right now to post this post.

To be honest, it’s not hers. It’s coming from a neighbor, best I can tell off the east side of the house (thanks, anonymous wi-fi giver). But who cares? Imagine my excitement when I fired up my laptop and saw the unsecured connection way out here in Finneytown, at the end of the cul-de-sac.

I came out here last night to spend a little time with Grandma. A visit to Grandma’s has always been a big deal, something to look forward to. Still is a bit, even though I can get in my own car and drive myself there pretty much whenever I want.

It’s been a big year for Grandma, technology-wise. Earlier this year I helped her buy a 42-inch LCD high-definition television. She mostly uses the analog tuner to watch her Lifeline Time Warner cable service. But when I come over I switch it over to the digital tuner, using the antenna I installed on her roof. She’s always amazed at the picture. Last night we were watching the USC vs Washington football game on ABC.

“I really like soccer better, that’s what we were raised with,” Grandma said. Grandma immigrated from Germany in 1956.

“I actually like watching soccer, too, but rarely see it here (on TV in the U.S.),” I said.
“I don’t really like watching sports on TV, but our family does,” Grandma said.
“I don’t care for watching sports really all that much at all,” I responded.
“Then why are we watching this?” she asked.
“I just like the picture. Isn’t it amazing?” I said.
“Can we watch something else?”
“Of course, want to watch this DVD of a TV show I brought with me?”

So, that’s what we did instead. When the actors in that show started having explicit sex on screen about 10 minutes into the show I had to defend the “kind of stuff” that I was watching. Ooops. Sorry.

I have to admit it’s a little unsettling when your 82-year-old Grandma has better technology than you do. That goes ditto for watching sex scenes with her. Ah, modern life.






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  1. melissa Avatar

    Nicely done, corrupting your grandmother to modern day antics of lifesavers. She’s not supposed to know that kind of stuff! more so, Oma’s only do it missionary style to procreate. It’s not supposed to be fun!

  2. judy wessels Avatar
    judy wessels

    Enjoyed the write-up, and the pictures. One error….they came over in the first 2 weeks of October (grandma and dad don’t remember which week, but it was in 1954, not ’56. Oh, and I know you like that hat, but want me to buy you one that fits??

  3. judy wessels Avatar
    judy wessels

    Did my comment go to you??

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