Hustled by the Boy Scouts

Hustled by the Boy Scouts

These two nice Boy Scouts just sold me an $8 can of caramel corn. And I’m happy about that? Sure, why not. They were very courteous and were very persuasive. I even let them keep the $2 change I was owed.

They were stationed outside of the firehouse on Hyde Park Square, next to where I just had my hair cut. I told them I’d post this, so, hey guys!







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  1. thelittlewitch Avatar

    What a nice guy! I’ve lived in Cincinnati now for 15 years. In 7 different neighborhoods. I have never had the Girl Scouts or the Boy Scouts come to my door for their fundraisers. Which is strangely compounded by the fact that I’ve worked for the BSA for 15 years.
    So I do get some popcorn for free…….

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