Santa’s dead

Santa dies in 2000

At least that’s what I am telling everyone. Have a happy holiday season, everyone. Shop to your heart’s content, but at my house Santa’s dead – and has been for seven whole years.






6 responses to “Santa’s dead”

  1. 5chw4r7z Avatar

    Screw that, if you can’t believe in Santa who can you believe in?

  2. Joe Wessels Avatar

    I believe in Santa.

  3. Joe Wessels Avatar

    I totally condone a big, fat, hairy white guy in a red suit, saying he’s from the North Pole, carted around in a sleigh towed by a bunch of flying caribou – one with a reported glowing red nose that can “guide my (way) tonight” (yeah, sure) – landing on your roof, breaking in your house through your non-existent chimney and leaving free sh…uh, I mean, stuff. That’s awesome! Too bad he’s dead. Seven years now, too.

  4. Chris Avatar

    If you believe in Santa, and you’re an adult, you might be kind of retarded.

  5. Santa Claus Avatar
    Santa Claus

    Naughty Naughty … Nice photowork btw…

  6. Santa Claus Avatar
    Santa Claus

    Naughty Naughty … Nice photoshop work btw…

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