Lucky me

I am going to indulge a second. Wait. Isn’t that what blogs are for anyway? Well, regardless, today is my birthday. Happy Birthday to me! But I have felt so lucky today – especially in light of what happened Sunday.

Melissa – my beautiful, talented, smart, funny, thoughtful, caring, tremendously supportive, understanding and kind girlfriend – started off my day with two incredibly neat, cool and thoughtful gifts. One was this very nifty, sharp wristwatch. The other is this glass globe with the city of Cincinnati inside, featuring the skyline and some significant buildings. It’s very special and right up my alley.

On top of that, my great family is having a nice shindig for me tonight which will include a big dinner and lots of them – and probably more gifts. One of my gifts – from my parents; a bunch of compact fluorescent bulbs I wanted to replace the incandescent ones in my apartment – came in the mail today. Plus, throw in all the great messages I have received online through e-mail, cell phone text messages, Facebook and MySpace and it’s rounded out for a very, very nice day. It’s great to be and feel loved. Thanks, everybody! I am just so happy and wanted to spread the love a lot bit… Hope you are having just as good a day, birthday or not.







3 responses to “Lucky me”

  1. Blake Fox Avatar

    Happy B-Day Joe!

  2. Brad Thomas Avatar
    Brad Thomas

    scoop, I know why you are sucking up to your girlfriend so much, if not she will beat you up. Don’t feel bad, she could drop me too

  3. Ryan Dlugosz Avatar

    Joe – Happy (now belated) birthday & good to meet you on Saturday. I was glad to read that you & Melissa are unharmed after the incident… I guess it serves as a reminder of just how much further the neighborhood needs to go.


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