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5.4 magnitude earthquake hits Midwest (felt in Cincy)

At 5:396 a.m. this morning the USGS is reporting an earthquake was epicentered in Illinois… Back in 2000 I wrote a piece for The Cincinnati Enquirer about earthquakes hitting in Cincinnati. But basically, the New Madrid seismic zone was responsible for an earthquake so big that it rung church bells in Boston, Mass Charleston, S.C.

Why? Unlike the earthquakes in California (where I lived for the better part of three years and never felt one earthquake ever and was told they happen – small ones – everyday), the plates here are very, very large and cover thousands of miles. So, when the earth’s crust slips in Illinois we feel it here – or in Boston.

This morning’s trembler came in two waves. The first one woke me up and I looked around to see the exposed ventilation swinging from the ceiling. I could hear pots clinging together. Then it stopped. About 30 seconds later , a smaller, less intense quake shook everything again.

It was a little unsettling. From my West Coast friends I have heard about how scary they can be – and now I can agree, from experience. I live in a building that is more than 150 years old and the first thing I thought was it might coming tumbling down.


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  2. this wasn’t as bad as everyone puts it yes it was a earthquake yes midwest quakes are rare but guess what they still have ’em so don’t worry bout it so far no reports of injury and barely any damage it was small if it was as big they make it seem it would’ve woke you up and people on the news would say we have breaking news a earth quake just hit destroying blah blah so don’t worry.. good article btw thanks for the info

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