Earthquake hits Cincinnati!!!

We just had an earthquake in Cincinnati. It was centered on the New Madrid faultline along the Ohio River near Evansville, Ind., according to the real-time United States Geological Survey Web site.

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I know I woke up with my bed shaking today. I am 23 and it is the first distinct tremor I have ever felt. Pretty strange.

Yeah I felt it. It was dry all over the tristate. That’s pretty cool. I’m takin off work

I was half asleep sitting on the throne for my morning pee when I felt the shakes and the noise of things rattling in the house. I thought that it was high winds, a transformer explosion, or a car had run into the house. I went outside to see a beautiful cloudless sky. I didn’t think earthquake until I heard it on the news.

I also felt the quake this morning … but my wife didn’t. I’m just glad other people felt it so I know I didn’t imagine it.

I woke up to my bed shaking and could feel the building moving. I thought I must have made the right decision to move. I thought the foundation was collapsing. So relieved to know it was indeed an earthquake.

Woke up to my bed shaking and the dresser moving. We have cracks along our ceiling. Came to Bruegger’s Bagels with the boyfriend!

Been through a few, this was rare here in Cincinnati for what I understnad and strong, my dog was up 20 minutes before it happened, wanting to get out of the cage, I was sitting in bed it shook for a good 5 seconds…cool? don’t about that…a little frightening…

wow im amazed by the fact we all got up after the earthquake to write it on the internet…at 5:50 am
my friend on facebook started calling me and freaking out

does anyone know how strong of a earthquake or how long of one. It seemed to be at least 30 seconds. My husband didn’t belive thats what it was until the news verified it.(I am right again !!)

I woke up with my bed shaking and thought it was a dream until I heard the news a few minutes ago. Awesome!

I was getting up when my mom felt it happen. For some reason, not many people at my school felt. Did it only affect certain people?

November 10th 2012 about 12:03 pm I felt my bed shake, and the house shake did we just have an earthquake?

Glad to have confirmation. I thought I was going nuts. My daughter didn’t feel anything at her house & she’s less than a mile from mine. I called her & then posted to Facebook asking if anyone else’s house shook @ 12:10 today. No one had. My whole bed & bedroom were shaking. And I live in Cheviot, OH. That’s pretty far from Hazard, KY!

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