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I guess I’m a sell-out

Things, to say the least, went a little better than I ever expected. As I blogged last month, I have always wanted to have an art opening for some of my photographs, but had never pursued it. So, in February when I was asked by a local art dealer to show my work at the United Way for a show called “Beauty Matters,” I was pretty excited.

The show ends today and I am proud – and a bit astonished – to report that I sold five of the six photographs I showed. That makes me the top-seller of any artist for this show. Only one of the pieces sold actually went to someone I know, too, which also kinda blew my socks off, and this person only figured out that I took it after he bought it.

I’m told by the curator of this show that this has every indication that I can now officially call myself an artist. It also, apparently, allows me to tell the photography instructor at UC who gave me a “C” in an elective photography class I took through the evening college several years ago (that I took to get an easy “A”) he can kiss my ass. I think I might do that in a letter to the dean, unless he or she (or the professor) reads this blog. Just e-mail me for my student number.

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