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Smile. Someone or something is watching.

This week’s CityBeat column is about Bill Brown’s Surveillance Camera Tour he gave Sunday to a mixed-age, mixed-race group of 18 people. I was told about the tour by a neighbor who found it on Brown’s Web page by accident, she said. It seemed interesting – and it was.

My neighbor also wrote a blog entry about the tour, of which Brown apparently took some no offense, having written is own summary of the tour.

Note: I do not “dawn” a coat and tie; I “don” it. Ooops.


  1. Joe: I took no “offense” at Maya’s blog entry. I simply felt there were some elements of the tour that she didn’t highlight and so highlighted them in my own write-up. (Note: I always do such after-the-fact reports.) P.S. Thanks for the “CityBeat” review.

  2. Great column, Joe, and I appreciate that you put surveillance in the context of a local crime with which readers are probably familiar.

    The tour was Sunday, though!

  3. Joe, interesting piece. Would you have felt better about cameras had one been positioned to help capture the schmuck who held you up back in January? That’s not a rhetorical question; I, too, have ambivalent feelings about public surveillance.

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