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I don’t talk about blog stats much – well, at all – because there isn’t really much to say. I average about 60 to 100 unique visitors a day – with random peaks and valleys – and that has been fairly consistent for several months. But a few weeks ago on April 17, when the earthquake hit Cincinnati, I received nearly 1,100 unique visitors. Woo-wee!

The earthquake woke me up so I decided to get on the computer and start blogging. Within 10 minutes I had made my first post and updated with more for the few hours after that. So, I got a barrage of Google hits on the subject. That was pretty cool.

Also, I’ve added a few widgets to the sidebar. A while back I added a Twitter widget (to go with the Flickr widget). Just a few days ago I added the Google Reader shared posts widget.

Twitter, if you haven’t discovered it yet, is a cool little application that asks the question: What are you doing? I update it as much as I can through my cell phone (either by sending text messages or using the phone’s Web browser) or by going to the Twitter Web site. Or my new toy: Twhirl.

The Google Reader is an RSS feed reader that allows me to read text (or a summary) and see some photographs from several Web pages at once in a single Web page. It also allows me to hit a “share” button that puts up the blog posts I think are worth checking out, which then appear on Report This! I highly recommend the reader – and checking out the posts I share.

I also added some Google ads to the sidebar as an experiment. I more or less just wanted to see how it worked and how quickly pennies added up. Turns out the only people making money off this blog is Google! Expect the ads to come down soon.


  1. That’s really cool…I always love tracking my site’s stats and seeing what makes traffic go up and down. I’m a nerd for that kind of thing.

  2. I remember seeing your tweet come through on the earthquake. I heard about it first, from you!

    I too am in love with Twirl and I mobile twitter with my web browser. it’s so funny how new media is changing the way we access and receive news. The NFL even Twittered the Draft!

  3. It is interesting how news hits the social media and blogs before the traditional “news” outlets.

    Yesterday I got more accurate weather from twitter than on local news channels.

    It will be interesting to see how traditional media adapts.

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