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Cincinnati blogger convention glee

I was super happy that I was able to make it down to the Cincinnati Blogger Convention last week at one of my favorite places in all of Cincinnati, the Mercantile Library. Chris Messick – who has to be the world’s least grumpy librarian (he’s actually cheerful and friendly) – helped orchestrate the whole thing, which, I have to say, seems to have been a rousing success.

Though I was only there for about an hour and fifteen, I really liked the experience. I have found out recently that I rather enjoy geeking out with the geeks.

And today, Mr. Messick so politely sent us a list of all conventioneers replete with links to their respective blogs. So, here I post.

5CHW4R7Z (

Bad Pitch Blog (

Building Cincinnati (

Buy Cincy (

CETconnect (

Cincinnati Area Commercial Real Estate Trends (

Cincinnati Blog (

Cincinnati Dealer (

Cincinnati Locavore (

Clark Street Blog (

Die Fladermaus (


Girlfriendology (

Gonz O’Lager (

Hello, Gerard (

Joe Wessels (

Juliet & Juliette (

Kate’s Random Musings (

Keeping it REAL Estate (

Kelly the the Max! (

Live Green Cincinnati (

Liz Wu Music (,com_mamblog/task,show/action,user/id,808)

Make Cincinnati Weird (

Mommy Bits (

Cincinnati Women Bloggers (

My Wine Education (

Not Really a Book Blog Blog (

Permasmirk (

Prospective (

Queen City Survey (

Queer Cincinnati (

Soapbox (

Strategic Public Relations (

The Journey is the Reward (

Turning the Page (

Urbanophile (

Wine Me Dine Me (in Cincinnati) (

With my attendance at the aforementioned convention and the frequent comment I heard being, “You need to post more often,” I have decided that I will. Now, I’ve decided this before, so we’ll see how it goes. But I have now reasons (more than just the nice requests for more Joe-tent) to do the bloggy thing. I will expound later on. Meantime, enjoy some of these wonderful Cincinnati blogs!

2 replies on “Cincinnati blogger convention glee”

If I have to write “QueerCincinnati” one more time… 🙂 I have to say, sometimes my chosen online identity annoys me too.

Sorry we didn’t get to meet at the Blogger’s Convention — maybe next time? Anyways, found you via the list that came out today.

Have a great day!!!!

(PS –> about the below post, most of my hits come from pictures of half-naked men… LOL… whatever… you take the traffic you can get :-))

Joe – thanks for the mention of my blog – It was great to meet other bloggers at the recent event and I look forward to reading more local blogs.

There seems to be a real energy happening among us geeks in Cincinnati. There is the Social Media Group, New Media Cincinnati, a growing LinkedIn Cincinnati group and we started a Cincinnati Women Bloggers group. I look forward to learning more together, supporting each other and seeing how we can communicate and build this community in our great city.

Thanks again! Debba / (the online community for women based on female friendship – not necessarily a Cincinnati blog but we do have some Cincinnati events coming!)

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